Saturday, August 05, 2006

A sharing from a friend

These past three weeks violence has hit Lebanon and many innocent people died. It is a long ongoing conflict indeed between Hezbollah's armed wing and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Both Israel and Hezbollah have to stop this brutal conflict. No one of use dare to see the continuous killing of civilians in Lebanon, Israel and the occupied Palestinan territory.
My classmate, Berit, share to us about this thru the class email, "I'm now in Bethlehem, the situation here is in terms of security quiet, but the situation for the Palestinians are really bad. And believe me when I say -cos I could have written pages to comfirm this... - that I have good reason to encourage all to boycott Israeli products. The illigal occupation and oppression I witness here in the West Bank is enough, but I'm sure you all have seen the images form Libanon. People here are begetting really scared when they see what Israel can do without any sanctions from "the international society". One told me that "We feel like we are not on the list over human beings". I understand why they feel that way. My south-African colleage also says that "Under the worst days of apartheid, people went to work, to school... This is worse. Much worse. I can't believe it..." "

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